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American Sports Cars Saving Using Farm Insurance

Some recent research done by an independent company in US uncovered a lot of sports car owners in America have been using farm insurance to save money on their annual motor insurance. The investigation also shown that Porsche, Audi and Ferrari models have been registered for farm use as they get a 20% discount on their annual insurance.

This sneaky procedure is costing the whole industry in America £85 million a year so the insurance providers have decided that they no longer are taking this as they are losing out money year after year, they are now going to be relying on outside companies to start checking the insurance details and the past data of their policy holders.

Vehicles which are registered as farm vehicles always qualify for discount on their insurance premium as they are deemed less of a risk as they are less likely to be stolen or be involved in a road traffic accident compared to cars which are kept in urban areas.

The investigation carried out was done an independent in San Francisco and uncovered a number of potential fraudsters who falsely claimed their sports cars were farm vehicles. One person who lived in the heart of New York claimed that he used his Audi A4 for farm work however there is no farm around for miles in the New York area and less than 1% of the population are involved with agriculture.

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