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Bridal Wear 2011

Here at Wedding-car-hire we understand how important your bridal wear must be for your perfect day, below we have put together some of the best stores and retailers for you to pick up your perfect dresses and accessories.

Little White Dress:
This store is based in the heart of Nottinghamshire and is perfect for people who live in the Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Chesterfield area as it has easy access to get to the store. The shop is based just near Trent Bridge and isn't too far from the Nottingham Forest football ground, the shop has built its self a fine reputation down the years and holds stock of Sassi Holford dresses. The store has its own website for people who may not live in the Nottinghamshire area and is defiantly worth checking out.

Berketex Bride:
This company is one of the biggest bridal organisations in the UK, it has stores in Cheshire, Hampshire, Kent, Lincoln, Leicester, Sheffield, London, Middlesex, Nottinghamshire, Surry and Yorkshire that is to name a few it operates throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. The store prides there selves on customer service and the staff will do anything to help you to make your big day, they have received nothing but positive thoughts and have even planned to bring menswear out in the near future so look out guys.

Fairygothmother/Lulu and Lush:
The joy of this company unlike most bridal wear companies is that you don't need to make a booking for a fitting and they offer sizes from 6-26 so a big gap in size ranges. You can find a Lulu and Lush in the heart of Derby, it's perfect for maybe the locals in the Derbyshire area. If you can't find what you are looking for in the store as well the company offer a service where they will try and find you the perfect dress. You can also find a Lulu and Lush in the London area, they also have a website if you wish to check their stock out and then visit the store yourself.

If you are looking for a luxury vehicle to match your new beautiful dress why not take a look at our wedding cars available at the lowest cost around the UK.

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