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Mike Tindall Wedding Cost Public £400K in Just Police Forces

The pair who got married after William and Kate has said to rack a hefty bill epically for the tax payer with them reportedly paying the Police over £400k for protection of streets and the use of vehicles and roads to keep the Royal Family safe. The average tax payer wouldn't be to bothered due to the Royal family being as popular as they are however some people see this slightly different and do not agree with the massive £400k Police bill as they believe it may have been too much for the pair.

One source said they are not Katie and William which seems a little unfair but in the same aspect Mike's wedding was never going to be as big as the Royal Wedding. Most people in the UK seemed happier with the extra bank holiday and with the Queens Jubilee next year it seems we will have another few days to play about with. What are your thoughts on the hefty Police bill which was built up?

A Bride Has To Run After Wedding Car Breakdown

A Bride Has To Run After Wedding Car Breakdown The wedding car came to collect her from the Churchill Hotel in York on the morning of her wedding to transport her to a nearby church where she was set to marry fiancé Johnny Vintis.

Disaster struck then when the chauffeur then attempted a turn in the classic wedding car which the bride and t...


Planning your wedding

Good planning is crucial to the success of any Wedding day. However, the wedding day will fly by so it's important that you make sure you have fun doing all the planning. Organising your wedding can be very time consuming and stressful.
At Car Hire Weddi...


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Having provided luxury and stylish transport for hundreds of couples on their wedding day, we are fully aware of all the possible requirements and will happily accommodate any request.

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When wedding bookings are made, we allocat...