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Phantom II Limousine wedding Car Hire

This vehicle has a lot of history behind it and ran from 1929 till 1936 as Rolls Royce pinnacle vehicle, there were only 1680 models made and was built in the city of Derby to mark where it was built it has a red insignia on the radiator shell. This was believed to be the last Phantom model which Henry Royce was involved with personally.

The car is finished in light blue leather and has a traditional wood and chrome finish to it, the luxury of this car is something else and it is remarkable to think the car was built all of them years ago. Just like the Phantom VI it has two occasional seats in the front of vehicle which can cater two more passengers and even has a loud speaker in the rear of the car to contact the driver.

The exterior of the car has a blue over black paint job with cream detailed lines over it; it has the Rolls Royce special suicide doors and even has storage in the rear of the car which contains a picnic hamper from Harrods. The car has a 7.7 litre straight engine and is the last of its kind to have such an engine, it has a four speed gearbox and requires double-declutching, it can return up to 10mpg and its 20 gallon tank can last up to 200 miles.

If you are looking to hire the Phantom II limousine we cover all the way around the nation from Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Hull, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Northampton, Staffordshire, Chesterfield, Stoke-On-Trent, Cambridge, Lincoln, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Oxford so do not hesitate in contacting us no matter what your location.

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