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Texan Billionaire Gets Royal Wedding Invite

The official guest list has now been revealed for the Royal Wedding and it has raised many eyebrows in the UK. Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle failed to make the cut but a U. S banker made the cut. Joe Albritton is one of the guests who made the guest list and shall join newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton for their wedding breakfast at Buckingham Palace.

Over 650 people have been invited, 50 of them were invited by the Queen and 250 by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, also a 100 have been invited by the Middleton's, William and Kate themselves have invited 250.

Some of the names that have been mentioned and some of the surprising invites have actually been invited by Prince Charles himself, and while also inviting Mr Albritton he has also invited a Transylvanian count, a Nazi's nephew and Kazakh Tycoon he truly has invited some colourful characters.

Mr Allbritton the Texan billionaire, is the former owner of Riggs Bank, and is referred as the bank of presidents. Mr Allbritton has known Charles for a while and even let him borrow his Gulfstream private jet and also gave £275,000 a year to the American based Prince of Wales Foundation.

The 86 year old is a friend with the Reagan's and the Bushes and is a very surprise guest for the Royal Wedding.

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