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The Marmite Wedding

A couple who have just celebrated their wedding day together have dedicated their ceremony to their first love Marmite, the newlyweds Terry and Jennifer Constant set their eyes on each other when enjoying a Marmite sandwich together at University eight years ago. The pair has shared their passion for the spread ever since that day, and the pair have been travelling the world with the spread even taking jars with them as they travel the world.

They get through of the love it or hate it jar of the yeast based treat every two weeks and use it as an ingredient in nearly every meal they have including their curries. The pair got hitched then at the family wedding ceremony even gave out mini jars of the food for their customers; the wedding even featured a Marmite-tiered wedding cake. Jenifer the bride to be even paraded a Marmite hat, and the groom Terry said it is so weird how we both met and my perfect partner has the same love for Marmite as I do.

It's difficult to disagree that it was fate the pair met in them half of Portsmouth University that day in 2003, they even mentioned Marmite in the wedding speech not something what is mentioned in a normal wedding.

With their honeymoon just around the corner the pair is planning on taking small pots of Marmite with themselves and placing the Pots all around the globe from the Sahara Desert to Peru.

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Planning your wedding

Good planning is crucial to the success of any Wedding day. However, the wedding day will fly by so it's important that you make sure you have fun doing all the planning. Organising your wedding can be very time consuming and stressful.
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